Imagine, plan, breathe and touch real wood

Madera styles, designs and manufactures tailor made furniture for luxury homes in Israel and around the world

As part of a unique design concept, Madera provides turn-key solutions for both residential and corporate clients furnishing thousands of luxury houses, apartments, hotels, public buildings, cafés and restaurants worldwide.
We delicately balance between design, architectural drawing, technology and vision to create unlimited possibilities for creating unique quality furniture pieces.
Our overall design concept provides solutions starting at the front door, through hardwood flooring, homely kitchens, dining areas and family rooms, intimate bathrooms and bedrooms to accessories and various design elements.
The raw materials we use range from rare and exotic hardwood to the most innovative hardware and interior accessories available.
Our exclusive tender style can be easily identified as we use only the finest wood, unique painting techniques and meticulous craftsmanship which provide a significant and exciting character to any home.

Our Clients