Architecture: Ariella Lavie
Photography: Shay Adam

A modest entrance through a metal gate leads us into the yard of a stunning residence.
A spacious door, made of solid wood, welcomes the guests and intrigues the senses to what lies beyond.
A wide open foyer leads to the house interior into the kitchen, dining room and living room. Although juxtaposed, these three living spaces can be easily separated by wooden screens.

The main dining table and the round table near the kitchen, both made of solid wood, are different in design but complement each other in the central living space and the varying needs of the household.
Located on the top floor are the bedrooms and bathroom. The parents’ and guests’ bathroom cabinets were designed in a classic-contemporary concept.
Closets in the bedrooms, closet niches, and the study loft cabinets were carefully designed considering the versatile needs of the household.