Architecture: Orly Shrem
Interior Design: Madera
Photography: Itay Sikolsky

This amazing house is situated in the center of Israel and was designed by architect Orly Shrem.
Madera was given a free hand to compose the interior design.
The kitchen, dining and living room were designed as a single unit, creating a vast sense of space.
The conjunction of the wide bookshelf unit in the living room with the various kitchen cabinets – the pantry, wine and spice racks, composed of black and white classics, transformed all the furniture into a comprehensive piece of art.
Most of the carpentry items were painted in black coal color. Other items were painted in a tender cream color creating a sense of versatility. The incorporation of old oak surfaces added to the inspiration.

All items were decorated with trendy profiles, high cornices and distinct handles to create an eclectic look, displaying unique decorations and carved plinths.
All the interior details of furniture were built using 18 cross-banded layers of birch plywood protected by a coating of acrylic lacquer.
The hardware throughout the house is by Blum, allowing for easy access and soft closing cabinets.