Architecture: Ariella Lavie
Interior Design: Madera
Photography: Sean Ayalon

On one of the quiet streets of Kfar Sava stands an exquisite house meticulously designed by architect Ariella Lavie.
The front of the house is painted in shades of gray, embracing a front door made of aged French oak designed by Madera.
The interior furniture design derived from the owner’s vision of a clean and classic look, creating a sense of warmth.
Frames, doors and furniture headers incorporate decorative ornaments and uniform dyeing techniques of varying degrees in each item.

The kitchen cabinets are characterized by a clean design, painted white, while the kitchen island’s surface consists of bleached wood.
The bathrooms were designed in clean and straight lines, hand painted gently with patina providing the rooms with a warm balance.

The cabinets in the parents’ en-suite bathroom were painted using an ancient painting method as the romantic look-and-feel was complemented by a natural shaded oak surface.
The spacious study was also designed applying aged French oak. At the forefront of the study, a wide bookcase with a wooden ladder hinting to libraries of the past; on the other, an impressive desk embraced by two additional bookcases.
All the interior details of furniture were built using 18 cross-banded layers of birch plywood protected by a coating of acrylic lacquer.
The hardware throughout the house is by Blum, allowing for easy access and soft closing cabinets.