Architecture: Enrico Sereg
Photography: Tal Dan

Structure, space proportions, ratio of openings in living spaces and the connection to the exterior are all inspirations of the furniture design in this dream house.
The project included the design and manufacture of all furniture items throughout the house.
Our attempt in balancing the client’s vision and desires along with structural boundaries led us to come up with a different plan for each living space.
The dining area and living room were designed as one high-rising space, thus we designed the furniture accordingly.
The door to the parents’ bedroom was designed according to the height of the space, spanning from the floor to the ceiling, colored in complementing tones of wood and gray.
The door was divided into three different functional units; the lower part is used as a door; the middle as air conditioner vents; and the top as an opening to a storage space above.
The kitchen was designed in a classic and delicate style, combining high pantry units and a kitchen island painted in light blue.
The parents’ residential unit consists of a bedroom, walk-in closet and bathroom. The bathroom encompasses a wide bathroom cabinet and two sinks, one for use of each spouse.
The surprise of the house is located in the basement where a work unit is situated in an enclosed area constructed by double glazed Belgian windows. This unit was furnished with a functional bookcase and desk painted in warm tones.
The front door was painted in a light gray color combining antique glass and lies within the foyer as an integral piece of the home surroundings, opening up to the astonishing garden outside.