Architecture: Dubi Vitt
Interior Design: Yael Ma’ayan
Photography: Itay Sikolsky

Situated in the picturesque Neve Tzedek neighborhood, this house was designed by architect Dubi Vitt and interior designer Yael Ma’ayan. Their inspiration – 1930s Tel Aviv.

Madera was trusted with the design and manufacture of furniture throughout the house, when emphasis was put on the unique combination of time periods, both past and present, as the 30s of the 20th century met innovative and contemporary design of the 21st century.
The kitchen was created applying solid wood and painted in natural and cream shaded tones. Detailed antique hardware items, hinges and old furnace parts decorate the kitchen creating an unusual and spectacular presence.
Black leather was placed on the kitchen island to complete the unique design characteristics.
The living room table was designed considering the essence of the period and was made of an old wood cart used to laying railroad tracks.
A bookcase containing lower part drawers was incorporated into the niche. This piece was painted applying the same color as the adjacent interior doors, which together create a complete and uniform appearance.
The interior doors were also manufactured by a Madera.
The design for the children’s play room was inspired by a puppet theater, combining colorful and diverse carpentry, decorated with wood carvings.
For the bathrooms we created natural colored floating furniture which opened up the space and blended in harmoniously.
Behind the doors, masquerading as a decorative wall displaying geometric shapes and carved flowers, stand storage cabinets. Spanning throughout the corridor wall, these have been painted with wall and interior door colors.
The house is bright with natural light and stunning rich colors.